Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Juen 30th - Tuesday

Happy almost Canada Day!!!

It's been a great couple days people!! Feeling pretty good and chemo has been going well, this week is an easy week.. still 4 days but it's quick quick quick. I may need blood on Friday, however we're hoping my body does well and builds everything on it's own. (Hey Nana, remind my mom keeps up on my anti-nausea medication.. even in the middle of the night.. remember what happened last time) :)

We didn't have to be in clinic until 1130 today so we had a lazy morning with cartoons, snuggles and hanging out in our jammiez. Then mom decided today should be water fight day.. so we filled up 80 water balloons and put them in a bag and headed off to clinic. It was super fast today and then we hit the park and had a crazy water fight, played in the playground, and enjoyed the sunshine!
Then we hit the video store, stocked up and came home for a tub and movie extravaganza! Great great great day! Back to the hospital tomorrow and then off to meet Mom's friends for Canada day fun and hopefully see Jodie in the afternoon too.

Thanks to Ava! I miss you Ava, and I loved unwrapping my present! That was the best and the jokes along the way cracked me up. I have your card beside my bed and I'm looking forward to getting home so we can play play play!
Thanks to Linda W for helping fulfill my mom's caffeine addiction! She will have a latte or two I'm sure... tomorrow!
Thanks again to Oranj for doing classes for me! Hey Sheila, I prefer it when it's the Abs and *ss class.. just because mommy lets me say the name .. hee hee!

Thanks to everyone for reading and keeping up to my progress and how my mom and sister are doing too. We're all kickin' leukemia's butt!

Until next time! I hope everyone enjoys Canada Day tomorrow.


Friday, June 26, 2009

Friday Family Fun Day

What a day... well we've had a week of hard news and today made up for all the tears and fears of the upcoming weeks ahead.

Ty and Carson and Renee surprised me! Wow and what a day we had. I had chemotherapy this morning and then off to the beach we went. We had the greatest time ever! We could walk for miles, hunting for crabs and jelly fish and even prawns! We had our buckets filled!

We had super soakers and water guns but too busy exploring the world below and what it leaves behind for us when the tide goes out! So Cool! Then they came back to our place and we had sushi for supper and played Wii for a couple hours! We were being boys boys boys!

Mom was so happy to see Renee and was really sad to see her go.. we have a tough couple months ahead of us.. most of it I don't even know what's coming..

Thanks to everyone! Jim and Marg for the box of goodies, JoJo for the perfect timing phone call the other night, Deb for cleaning up our flooded basement in Kelowna (because we can always handle one more thing on our plate), the girls that text mom all the time, and of course to our Renee! Thank you so much for the day of fun! We love you for it and it was exactly what we needed.


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tuesday June 23rd`

Another day under our belts! Long day of chemo today.. 8am till 4pm! However, it all went fine and it's another long gross day done. We're back at it tomorrow, Thursday and Friday and the same schedule for next week.. And when we thought we'd have some down time after this round, it appears it's going to get tougher instead of easier. Trying not to look to far aheaCheck Spellingd, and we're half way done the hardest part, however the worst is yet to come.

So, mixed emotions today for sure... nothing really new to report. We're all tired and heading for a big night sleep tonight. School in the morning, my last day is Thursday.

Hope this finds you all well. Thank you to The Hymers for the great bag of goodies they dropped off for us!


Saturday, June 20, 2009

June 20th 2009

Well, we are still out... and it's Incredible!

Yesterday started out with Mom and Dad#2 sleeping in and almost forgetting to take me to school but phew I just made it on time. It was a good thing because we had a scavenger hunt. My friend Miguel and I helped each other out and found all the loot. After school we went to a park, had some snacks and tired ourselves out there.
We went to the store to get stuff for dinner and I learned that if you leave the air conditioning on in the car without the car running the battery doesn't last long. OOPS! It was an extended stay at the store till dad#2 got us back on the road.

Deb and Tom came over for a visit, and we have a bionicle build off! Deb thinks she won by default, however mom and I won fair and square. Thanks to the Schamerhorns for sending more bionicles down!! Then Sheila showed up so we all had dinner together, and off to bed. I had kind of a rough night. Sometimes my body feels funny in the night and I can't settle in... So, at 3 am I slept with mom and dad #2 went to my bed. Needless to say we did not have a solid sleep last night.

Then today.. oh are we INCREDIBLE! So very INCREDIBLE! We got up this morning and took mom to meet Sheila and Deb to have a quick visit, then we picked up some groceries and relaxed at home until our big race! The "Chips not Dead Yet" run! It was awesome! Mom, Dad #2 and I dressed up as The Incredibles (I was Dash, Mom was Elasta-girl, and Dad#2 was Mr. Incredible) and Addy was a Princess (with an Incredible's mask on) and we raced half a mile straight up hill. Addy was in her jogging stroller, and Deb and Tom were with us and boy did we run! Carly and Hayley, some friends from LuLu in Kelowna, were waiting for us at the top... we were INCREDIBLE. Even the announcer guy at the finish line yelled out what an Incredible Family we were! It was super fun!!! Then we came home and made some supper, had a bath and crawled into bed. Phew, what a day! A great day! ** Deb even had a shirt on with a picture of me on it and it said "My hero" Very cool!!! Thanks Deb!

Happy Father's day to all the dad's out there tomorrow!
Thanks - Deb and Tom for everything this weekend for my whole family, Jim and Marg for the amazing bag you sent down for me and Addy, Carly and Hayley, Uncle Jim and Auntie Denise for the card, Sassy Sheila, Schamerhorns, and everyone else for reading and following my progress!

Signing off,
Aiden "Dash" Penner

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thursday June 18th

We're out! Mom and I painted our faces with this army green paint, then we dressed in black and put on these funny hats and snuck out of the hospital late last night! When the lights were out Mom wound up a toy we found in the toy room and sent it near the nurses station as a distraction and out we went! Quickly and quietly we broke free!!!

Ha, I wish it was that exciting! However, we are home! Finally! My fever is gone and my pain too, so they let me out. My counts are still super low, however there is no reason for me to be in there, as they're climbing slowly but surely.

So, I'm home and having a quick nap before we run out and grab our costumes for Saturday, then movie night later on. I plan to ask if we can stop for a slurpee as it always makes me feel so much better :) Sheila's here for dinner tomorrow night, and he's making me learn Yoga! Should be ... interesting :) At least she's funny...

No chemo today as my counts are so low, so we are officially one week behind schedule.. However, we're still banking on Hallowe'en to be home! We start this Tuesday (instead of Thursday to try and catch up)

Thank you for everything and following my blog.


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tuesday June 16th

And it continues!!

More fevers last night, however my "cultures" (where they try to grow bad stuff in my blood) are all good. So that means they take more of my blood and try and grow different stuff with it. I've just started some new antibiotics and hopefully this will make everything get out of my body!!!

So, dad's doing the night shift again tonight as Dad#2 is down and mom's doing the next two nights as Auntie Dawn is back tomorrow. Hopefully we're out of here after my chemotherapy Thursday night.. but we'll see! Cross your fingers, send out the "secret, " do whatever it takes to get me outta here on Thursday night!
Sheila's coming over to the house for dinner Friday night.. and she's fun to play with so I'd like to be out for that.... (as would mommy!)

I need to be out by Saturday morning at the latest! We're doing the "Chips not Dead yet Run." Me, Mom, Ads, and Dad#2 are all dressing up as The Incredibles! (because we are) and running half a mile straight up hill! Everyone is dressing up as Superhero's in our race, then there is the underwear race, the perfect pooch race, the bridal gown race (mom could do this one too.. but she says no.. dig dig). Deb Taylor and Tom from Kelowna are coming to run it with us, Carly and Hayley from LuLuLemon in Kelowna, as well as Sheila from Oranj! You see, I NEED TO BE BETTER! I have a big day planned Saturday!

Other then that life at Children's Hospital is.. well not so bad. Right now I'm actually playing with my new friend Ed. He's a volunteer here at Children's, he's 25, and knows all the Pokemon games, how to make awesome paper airplanes etc. He's awesome!

Hope this finds you well.. and I want to send a huge holler out to The Kelowna Fire Dept!!! Thank you for everything! Thank you for all you've done for me and my family, you really are amazing! Firemen are hero's! (certain Mounties too of course :) ) Thanks guys!!!!

We're going to watch the police and fire games when they're here.. I'm a little confused as to who I'm suppose to cheer for, I think I'll decide by who has the coolest uniforms.

Mom keeps mentioning this gigantic party we're going to have when we get home to thank everyone.. I think we better warn the entire neighbourhood it's looking like it could get a little CRAZY!

Until next time, signing off from Children's Hospital!


Monday, June 15, 2009

Monday June 15th

Back in hospital!!!!

I woke up 2am Sunday morning with terrible pains in my legs and hips, and when I woke up Sunday morning my feet and hands were hurting. I still had a low grade fever however, went to Ronald McDonald House and started the day. It was an okay day.. a little tired but still fun.

Then 630pm arrived and fever spiked! Mom took my into hospital and the next adventure began. First my VAD sight wasn't quite numb when they accessed me, YEOW!!!! and big crocodile tears... wow!!
Once I was accessed we were good to go, they started my IV and antibiotics, pain medication and Tylenol! We got into a room around 1115pm and off to sleep. I woke up this morning feeling like a million bucks! Dad and Addy arrived and the craziness began. No more pain, fever and nausea up and down but nothing major. Played outside, played in the toyroom, played video games, great day.. then 5pm; fever spiked again! WHAT!!!????

More antibiotics tonight and medicine to make me comfy. Dad and I are ordering pizza as Mom went home to have a solid sleep and hang with Addison... Mommy's bagged! I was hoping to be out tomorrow however now we don't know again. Wow what a ride.

I've been called unique, special, and a mystery... When mom always tells me to make good decisions, do what I think is right, be my own person, be that extra special person in life.... I don't think this is what she meant! :)

Thanks to Sheila for having lunch with mom and Addy.. it was great to get out and have a real life "girlfriend" conversation she said!

G'night everyone... until the next read.


Saturday, June 13, 2009

Saturday June 13th

Hello everyone,

Another great day! We started out this morning walking to a great park we found 2 blocks from our house. I had a great time there playing at the playground and tag with mom and Addy.

We came home as mom wanted to lay low for the afternoon, so we headed off to the movie store.... however, we never made it. On the way, I spotted an outdoor carnival/baseball tourney etc. There was face painting, balloon makers, a bouncy castle, a crazy fast blow up slide, a balloon jumping thing, etc etc. We pulled over and 3 hours later we finally made it to movie store. My face was painted with the Canucks logo and Addy's a butterfly, I had a squid balloon, Addy a Dora, and we were hot, sweaty, full, happy and loved every minute of the day! (who knew you could have this much fun for $5!)

My temps been good today and my energy level is high (too high for mom sometimes :) ha!)
We're bathed and in our pj's for the night and it's only 4pm! Snuggling watching Scooby and the Nutty professor is on the agenda for the night which sounds perfect!

Dad #2 made it home safe to Kelowna and is back at work then getting the pool going at home tonight.
That's it for my report. I'm off to see Dad tomorrow at Ronald McDonald House and play all day with Curtis. School Monday and then back home with mom.
Hope this finds you all well. Thanks for reading!


Friday, June 12, 2009

Juen 12th Friday

Once again, the turn around!

What a day!!! Woke up this am with a perfect temp of 36.6.. and all I wanted to do was eat and hit the beach.
Dad #2 made a huge crepe breakfast and mom hung out with a couple cups of coffee and we headed out about 11am. First we went on a frog hunt to the Fraser River, however no luck! So, we headed down to the ocean to move some rocks and collect some little crabs! And we HIT THE JACKPOT! Wow! 100's, 1000's!! It was amazing!
We stayed down for lunch and enjoyed the amazing weather, being a family, and celebrating the new day, today!

We came home and made supper, watched the hockey game and Sid the Kid win the cup!

Now I'm off to bed! Another day under our belts and it was a good one, a great one!!

Thank yous - to Colin, in Cranbrook, for the amazing pictures of the grizzly, Awesome! and my friend Katie from school - thanks for the cards. Dad #2 heading back to Kelowna at 4am tomorrow morning, we will miss you! Drive safe, please remember to grab my school work and hurry back.


Thursday, June 11, 2009

Thursday !! June 11th

Are you kidding me!? Another reaction today! Today was suppose to be easy, suppose to be done quick quick quick, I was suppose to be looking for frogs by lunch time!

So we started today heading for clinic for 9am and it was suppose to be a spinal and chemotherapy. They gave me some new anesthetic for my spinal as I hate the dizziness when I wake up. It's the kind they give the teenagers.. because they think I'm so mature :)

So, that all went great and then down hill fast! Nausea, hives, and terrible pains in my belly that made my scream .. loud! More medicine, more blood and nothing showed up! Nothing! Blood good, kidneys good, pancreas good! So, I'm home now and teetering on a fever. 37.0, then 37.7, then 37.5, then 37.9.. up and down up and down.

My mom is wondering who signed up us for this ride? We think they might've had their wires crossed!

Thanks! - Joan Parson!!! She made me the most amazing quilt EVER! Thanks Joan I love it!

This day.. no fun!!! Until tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed that my temp stays down and we get to stay at home all night.


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

June 9th - Tuesday

Hello hello!

Not much new to report.. all good here. I've been going to school, my blood is good and everything is A-okay.

Today I went to school in the morning and when mom, dad#2 and Addy picked me up we went hiking and exploring at this very cool park - Pacific Spirit Park. We saw tons of bugs, wild raspberries, and a huge beaver dam! It was crazy. We saw a tadpole but couldn't catch it! They're fast!

Tomorrow, school again.... and then it's THURSDAY! Shouldn't be as bad this week as we just have spinal, and chemotherapy. No inter muscular injections! Phew!

Hi to everyone.. thanks to Declan and his mom, Carly, Jodie/Jen for the recipe, everyone who attended the FLSC Fair and Lucas's ride for Life, the Campbell's for joining us on our 5km run for Children's.. all fantastic!!!
Ginger, Aiden wore his jacket to school today for show and tell!

We miss everyone.. however I'm on schedule still so we have 2 months done, and hopefully just 4 to go. I think that's 1/3 done, right Mrs. Merryfield? :)


Saturday, June 6, 2009

June 6th

Way better today!

What a day! I woke up this morning and had a call from Ty and Carson! It was great to hear their voices and get all caught up. Thanks for the call guys!
Then we got organized and met Ginger, Lucas, Jeff and Jacob. We hit Starbucks for the parents and then off to the park. Lucas and I ran and ran and ran .. it's a good thing I got blood yesterday so I could keep up. We had snacks, played in the park, played soccer, it was awesome!! So awesome! Thanks again Lucas for raising SO MUCH MONEY FOR LEUKEMIA!! You really are amazing!

Then I came home to wind down, watched some tv and then this cool magician showed up! He was so funny. Addy and I each got 3 balloons each; mine was a monkey in a tree, Lightning McQueen, and the Canucks logo and Addy's were; Princess Aeriel, Nemo, and a magic wand. He made things disappear and reappear, he read my mind, it was awesome. Thanks Shannon, you're the greatest!

Then mom trained a client that was up from Kelowna and Addy and I got ready for bed, what a day! Wow! Things went from yucky to amazing over night. Love when that happens! Tonight is movie night, Open Season 2! Too fun.

Tomorrow mom, dad #2, McKenzie, McGregor and Barb are all running for Children's Hospital and Addy and I are heading over to dad's. Back to clinic Monday am just to check my blood, school, and then back home.

What a day! What a great day!


Friday, June 5, 2009

Friday June 5th

Again again again!

So Terrible Fridays have now turned into Terrible Thursdays! We went in yesterday for some gross procedures. First was my LP(spinal), and just as I was waking up they put two needles into my legs. It wasn't as bad as the first time, (when we first got here) but it was still terrible.

And then they gave me my chemotherapy. I started feeling sick about half way through the day, however I was released at about 3pm. Mom, Addy, dad#2 and I went to the park, had a slurpee it was great. However....... then the medicine bit me! My eyes swelled shut and back to the hospital we went. They gave some benadryl and hyrdrocortisone and released us around 8pm. Home we went, and I ate a huge supper ... when I brought my bowl over my mom yelled "what!!?" and my face was covered in hives. Back to the hospital we went we were in an emergency room until 1am. then they finally moved us to a room on the oncology ward and we were asleep by 2am.

More benadryl, iv's, and this morning I woke up with no rash, but eyes still swollen. Mom said I looked like a boxer..and not a very good boxer. Over night my HGB dropped 10 points so then we had a blood transfusion. They monitored me all day, and finally I was allowed to leave at 5pm today.

What a gross two days! We are tired and my eyes are still a little swollen but we're home! And mom is super excited to sleep!

We see Lucas tomorrow morning and mom's friend Shannon got us a magician in the afternoon!! I can't wait!!

Thanks - Oranj Dance and Fitness, Pusher Mitchell Law Firm, Cops for Kids, McKenzie, McGregor and Barb Campbell who came down to run with Mom and Dad #2 for children's hospital this Sunday.
Mom was also very happy to see her friend Annette yesterday! She was at Children's with her son and she and mom got to spend 15 or 20 minutes together it was great (love you!)

Thursday and Friday = no fun, Saturday and Sunday = lots of fun!

Off to eat and bed can't wait until tomorrow morning! Done with today, looking forward to tomorrow!


Monday, June 1, 2009

Monday June 1st

My blood is awesome! We went to clinic this morning under the impression that I would need another blood transfusion.. however, my blood is awesome. The HGB dropped a bit, however my platelets are as high as yours! So clinic was quick and then I was back to Ronald McDonald house playing with Curtis.

Mom and Dad #2 picked us up at 530, and we came home and got organized. Dad #2 and I played Wii and Addy and mom played Barbies.
Everything else is going better then can be expected, we're all good!

Tomorrow I have school in the morning, which I love, and then we're off to the park and slurpees! That's kind of "our thing"

Thursday we're back in clinic and probably blood transfusion that day, so it'll be LONG and BORING. But I can play video games, watch movies, play board games etc. So, it'll be fine.

Thanks - To Carly, Dilys, Jim and Marg, and Toby for sending stuff down with Dad #2 and Ads for us. xoxo

Hope this finds you all well.

Hugs and Kisses,