Monday, September 21, 2009

Monday Sept 21st

Hello everyone..

Just a quick note to let you all know we're enjoying the start of our 3 WEEKS OFF and can't believe the weather that's coming for us! This is amazing!
My counts were so good today we spent the afternoon at Science World with Dad and then when mom picked us up we went to the hockey game! It was so fun! Addy and I played "Find Fin" (the mascot) and we ate cotton candy and popcorn.. the game went pretty fast and the Canucks won 2 to 0. However, when I was lying in bed I thought I heard the hockey game on TV.... must be my mistake... we wouldn't just stay for one period... would we?

Mom couldn't go to work this week as the H1N1 virus reared it's ugly head at HQ. So, she caught up with an old friend from high school, Jodi. I've never met her, but I like her already! She sends Bionicles! Thanks Jodi!! Thanks for the gifts for Addy and mom too! Mom had a great visit!

Then The Campbell's sent a care package down! The favorite is the book for mom with our pictures on it, and the Hurt Free Antiseptic Wash! Because it's really Hurt Free and it lets me be a boy! Thank you for everything you sent xo

Then just to top off the night!!!.. when we get home from the game there is a package under the door addressed to Mom from Papa. I had mentioned to him... if he wouldn't mind... he could save his Canadian Tire money for me. Well Papa not only saved his, he recruited his buddies! I'm RICH! I'm RICH! Thank you Papa, Thank you Mr. Epp, and Thank you Mr. Wardle!!!! I'm going shopping! I am thinking of getting a new lacrosse stick, and maybe some road hockey goalie equipment!

It's been a great start to these 3 weeks off.. and we're not even thinking about what's to come. Enjoying the time together and this amazing weather.

We hope this finds you all well. Thank you for reading. I have to get to bed and up for school in the morning.


Friday, September 18, 2009

September 18th

Hello everyone! Well... I'm proof that water + chocolate = no hospital!

Last night was a much better night.. I was still feeling pretty sick, but I never GOT sick! When I woke up this morning I felt amazing! Dad even took me down to school. I had a great morning then mom brought me Wendy's (my favorite) for lunch, and we hung out for the afternoon. Addy and Nana were here for a bit and we played on the deck, then we went to a different toy room on the south side of the hospital and checked it out for a bit, we drew, we played some ds.. Nana brought us some supper and now we're hitting the tub so I'm bathed and ready to go home as soon as my blood work comes back.. (probably around 9pm, however mom says she doesn't care if it's midnight we're going home TONIGHT!)

So tomorrow we're going to hang out with Nana until she has to fly home, and hopefully hit the beach for a picnic dinner. Sunday I go to Dad's and Monday when mom picks me up we get to go watch the Canucks play! (As long as my counts are good!)
Since we have the next 3 WEEKS OFF, we're hoping to hit a couple BC Lions Games, Canucks, Vancouver Canadians, Playland etc. If my counts stay high, we're good to go!
Not scheduled back in hospital until October 7th! The next round will be the toughest yet, including more intra muscular injections, extreme chemo, steroids etc, but it's also our last! YAY!!!! So, it's gonna ... you know.. but we'll be fine.

Hope this finds you well, and everyone is enjoying the amazing fall we're having. We're a little tired here, but we are good! (nothing chocolate can't fix!)


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

September 16th

Hello hello everyone... Well in for our last set of 3 -5 days in hospital. We arrived here today at 1030am and hydrated until they hung my medicine at 6pm. I'm feeling pretty good. A little sick here and there but overall I'm kickin butt.

So, the plan is to drink a ton of water!!!! Get this medicine out of my system. So water + chocolate = out early.

I have a great nurse tonight, Alan. He's super funny and is cracking us up. I just finished a bag a popcorn, guitar hero, and some TV.

Nana's watching Addy and I'm sure she's driving her bananas! Thanks to Nana for coming down and helping out with crazy!
Thanks to Ava for the card you sent me in the mail! Perfect timing and I made one for you that mommy will send off.

Hope this email finds you all well. I'll be in touch tomorrow.

Thanks for reading!


Saturday, September 12, 2009

Saturday September 12th

Hello Everyone,

Just a quick hi from Vancouver. Been a busy week back in the swing of things here. Addy and I are both back at school, Addy's in Ballet as well, so we're super busy every day.
I've been feeling great and we're scheduled back in hospital on Wednesday... again for 72 hours of no sleep. Last time for this. Nana's coming to help out.. which will make it way better!

Today we got up super early and headed down to the beach. The tide was at it's lowest at 6am and although I was up at 618am mom said no way. So we got up at 7am and we were at the beach by 8am. We had a great long walk and then Addy and I made sand castles and I found ton of crab.
We did some errands, then we were home all tubbed by 2pm and spent the rest of the afternoon using our imaginations.

Deb Taylor arrived today and had supper together and then played a solid game of tickle and tackle! She's pretty good at it, for having no kids. :)
Thanks Deb for coming and spending the night with us and our gifts! Boinicle build off again next time.

Hope this finds you all well. Happy birthday to my cousin! Happy birthday Mac! And Happy Anniversary to Nana and Papa! 40 years tomorrow!

I'll be in touch on Wednesday when we're back in.

Thanks for reading.


Saturday, September 5, 2009

Saturday September 5th

We're out.

Hello everyone.. we're home and we're bagged. This round didn't go as smooth as the last. We had a bit of a hiccup in the middle. I was pretty sick, and then I couldn't get rid of the fluids I needed to so my body didn't get rid of the drug as well. So we were up every two hours for 3 nights in a row... It's been a long couple days!

We got out today around noon, and my friend Camryn from my school (she now lives down here) met us at Starbucks. We had a great visit and mom said it was perfect timing for some caffeine!

When we got home, it was FINALLY raining down here. So we got on our rain gear and headed out to jump puddles. We made it as far as the neighbours and ended up playing outside in their yard for 2 hours. We found tons of slugs and snails, ate blueberries off their blueberry bush, and ran around, it was great. On the way home we jumped in two puddles! We hit tub, played some guitar hero, now were picking a movie and calling it an early night. Mom has to work in the morning!

Thanks to The EVANS, I loved the letter. It was nice to meet you, by mail :) And thank you very much for the gift.
Thanks to Camryn, Emerson and her mom for the visit when we got out.
Thanks to Nana for helping tidy up the Kelowna house; throwing out plants, too small shoes etc is never a fun job. And thanks to Papa for cutting our lawn. I heard you broke the lawn mower??

And thanks to everyone for reading.. we're off for a movie and bed!



Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Wednesday September 2nd

Hello from Children's hospital,

All's well here... been in the hospital since 830 this morning. They put me out to do my spinal which I always hate, but it was fine.
They had me in isolation this morning because I have had a cold. In order to get out of isolation they had to test my boogers! Ha, seriously! So, my nurse comes in and puts saline up one of my nostrils and i have to plug the other one and blow all the saline/snot out of my nose into this cup. It was hilarious. Everyone was cheering me on and yelling!! There was probably 7 people in the room at the time.. people get so excited about the weirdest stuff around this place.
Anyways, they tested my boogies and I was let out of isolation around 3pm.

I stood on the scale today and my weight is perfect for my height.. next round the steroids begin again.. so I could be putting on some LBS starting October 1. Mom jumped on the scale too and told my nurse that Leukemia makes mom's gain weight!!! GROUCHY....

We played some games and then we went up to our room around 530. Mom and I have been playing guitar hero and we ordered pizza for dinner as the food here is terrible!

Now were getting ready for bed! Tub, book and then up EVERY two hours to pee! AWESOME!
We only have one more of these after this... One more gross tiring stint like this one. .. We can do it!

Mom's already fed me chocolate, so hopefully we're out by Friday evening. Addy starts school Friday morning, I start Tuesday and Addy starts ballet Thursday next week too.. busy busy busy!!! Just how mommy likes it!

Hope this finds you well...


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tuesday September 1st

Hello from Vancouver,

We've been having a great time winding up the last few days of summer. I've had a cold this week, and been pretty tired however still time for fun.

Today we spent the day outside as much as we could. First I had my blood tested at the hospital and it's amazing! Chocolate chocolate chocolate, so we're good to go tomorrow morning at 830am.
So, after blood we met the Campbell's, from Kelowna, down at the beach. We(me, Addy, mom, Kenzie Sue, McGregor, and Barb) Ran and ran and ran. Mom and Kenzie did a a workout in the water with lots of running and the rest of us did some working out however mostly found crabs, jelly fish, shells, clams, worms, sea weed etc. It was a great way to spend the day!
They brought fresh plums from their orchard that are delicious! Thanks guys! Great day!!!!

Addy starts school this Friday, I start on Tuesday, and then Addy also starts ballet on Thursday. Mom is busy with work, hospital, taking us to school, activities etc! Just how she likes it!

Also thank you the fund raising done from Oranj Dance and Fitness for me. I bought a second guitar for Guitar Hero so Dad #2 and I can rock it out together! :) I'm playing medium already! I think I found my calling.... ROCKSTAR!

So, home and scrubbed down by early afternoon and in our jammiez. Mom was hoping for a nap for all of us, however it's turned into a super early night instead! Bedtime 630pm!
Hospital for 3-5 days starting tomorrow, however we hope to be out again by Friday! Chocolate chocolate chocolate!

Hope this finds you all well and we hope the Campbell's had a quick and safe drive home.