Wednesday, April 29, 2009

April 29th

Hello everyone,

Day one of school was a success!! My teacher was great, of course not as great as Mrs. Merryfield, but pretty fun. I worked through my vowels, some math, and my journal. It went well. I would normally be going tomorrow morning as well, however we have "clinic" in the morning. Clinic is usually every Friday, however there was a change this week due to scheduling of nurses. So, the morning will begin with another bone marrow followed by chemotherapy. It's a gross day for everyone, but it'll be nice to see how low my % is. And then if I feel good, back to school for Friday morning.

After school today mom and I had a lunch date. She packed a picnic and we went to Stanley Park. We peeked through the windows and saw the seals and the beluga whales (even the new baby whale) and then we saw an eagle show. It was pretty fun. We fed the ducks and headed back home to get some down time in.

Then mom and I decided to walk to the bank (which is about 25m from our front door) and I decided I wanted something sweet. So we walked down to Max's Deli (about .4km each way) and I had the biggest, yummiest cinnamon bun ever. mmmmmm! Then on the way back we hit the movie store and rented Jurassic Park III.

I had a big supper, a tub and my meds and now I'm lying in bed watching my movie. It was a positive day.

Logan sent me a message and said they had a bake sale at school for me and my family today! Wow, and thank you First Lutheran!! And Logan, great job on our secret project, keep up the emails.

Thank yous - Uncle Jim and Auntie Denise sent a package with a very cool sea creature that I use to battle with my bionicles... and some honey mustard! Love honey mustard!!! They sent something for Addy too but we'll wait for her to open it.
Dominics crazy videos! Wow, keep those coming pls! Good laugh for me and mom. Then we got some cards from the Bytelaars, and the Deeks along with a cool bracelet from Mexico with my name on it! Thanks!
The Deb Taylor sent mom a basket from home. She's sneaky! She got into our house and sent mom's clock,(that she hid a spider in for me!) a pillow, a family picture, a picture of her and mom etc. Toby added a great top and some cool earrings.. mom loved them, and Carly added in a Rockets Towel and some chocolate.. yay!! Made mom smile a lot (good idea S!) Thanks Ladies!!

Hi to Dad #2 who's at home with Ads and Thank you to Dilys who's been letting her have sleep overs while he works nights. xoxo. Nana and Papa arrive tomorrow in Kelowna and the to do list for Papa is extensive! :)

If we forget any thank you's, sorry. We try to remember everyone and we appreciate all the generosity that everyone has shown to us!

Off to watch my movie as mom packs, moving day is Sunday!

Hugs and Kisses


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

April 28th update

Hello Aiden Fans!

Today has been a good day! Super sunny and lots to update. This morning we went and saw our new place! That's right! No more smelly Easter Seals. Mom and I are movin' on up! We got a basement suite in a beautiful neighbourhood 4 minutes from the hospital! We each have our own bedroom, a patio, a yard, across from a field where we can fly kites etc. It will be awesome!!! Yay!!!

Next I went to my new school. Met my teacher and there are 4 other boys in my class. I start... tomorrow! There's no messin' around with mom. Should be fun and mom is very excited about the structure/normalcy thing again.

Then we had a meeting with Dr. Lucy. She is pleased with my progress. When I arrived here I had 99% bad cells in my bone marrow, now I have 21% and hope to have less then 5% by Friday! The medicine is working. She also dropped one of my medications and gave me another in a pill form as the liquid tastes terrible!

Then we grabbed a coffee at Starbucks.. and happen to run into Daniel SEDIN! Awesome!! I was too shy to say hi, but waived from a distance. Go Canucks Go!!

Now, we are heading out on the town. Dad #2 took Addy back to Kelowna so the GPS will come in handy down here for mom. Off to Toys r Us to take some stuff back and get something for the new place instead. OUTSIDE STUFF - yay!!!!

Thanks to everyone for everything.. busy packing tonight.


April 27th and morning of the 28th

Hello everyone,

Sorry I didn't update yesterday I got home from Dad's and was filling mom in on my day at Stanley Park, had some tacos, a shower and meds and bed.

For Today; Woke up and was sooo hungry. So I had two pieces of toast and a veggie omelet all to myself. It was delicious! Mom did some research, (you know how that goes when she gets left alone for 24 hours), and found out I can go to school here... thanks a million mom. So, this morning we're going over to childrens hospital to meet my new teachers Laurie and Jack. As long as I feel good I will be going every morning from 930 till noon. She keeps using the words structure and normalicy when talking to anyone which I think is a good thing :)

Then we have a meeting with my Dr this afternoon that will determine whether I have to have more bone marrow and another spinal on Friday with my chemotherapy. Hope that answer is no and all the "blast" cells are gone! Keep your fingers crossed. Then the plan is for mom and me to find a slurpee place and then maybe hitting a pet store (TO LOOK ONLY) Dad #2 taking Ads home to Kelowna and Nana and Papa are coming down to hold the fort.

Thanks to the Hymers family for the package! And thanks to Owen and Callum for not letting your mom buy me anymore educational books. :) Mom says that if I can't do long division by the time we're done here, there's a problem, with all the educational material we have. Thanks everyone...
Also, Dominic for the video updates. It was great to see you even if it was through a computer screen. You crack me up.
And to everyone who's doing amazing things for my mom.. last night she said she felt settled, relaxed and didn't even get grouchy when dad#2 beat her in crib. I know she couldn't do this without her parents, Dustin, family, and friends. Thank you.


Sunday, April 26, 2009

April 26th

Hi guys,

Things are A-okay again today.. nothing much to report. Going to spend the night at dad's with Auntie (to help with all my medicines). Had a good sleep and a huge breakfast; two bowls of alphabets cereal, an egg, and water! mmmmm!!!

Mom's friend Kim stopped by this morning for a visit which made mom very happy. Mom wants to thank her for the Max's Deli gift certificates, which I think they are using today without me! And her other friend Shawni sent down an AMAZING Canucks mask for me. Wow, it is super cool. Thank you Shawni!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ads, mom and dad#2 are hitting the Deli, the park and going to drive around to see if mom can figure her way around Vancouver without Dad#2 around for a couple days next week.

So that's about all I can say.. my medicine is still terrible, I'm still a little tired, I still hate rinsing with baking soda and water 4 times per day, but other then that... life is ok and we're pushin' through.

Off to dad's.. until tomorrow.


Saturday, April 25, 2009

April 24th and 25th

Hello everyone,

Sorry I didn't write yesterday it was a super busy, kind of gross day for everyone. It started with my spinal tap and bone marrow in the morning which mom really has a hard time with, followed by chemo right after. It made me a little sick to my belluy, I threw up on my mom and then they gave me some good sleep medicine called GRAVOL!
I slept in my room with dad while mom and dad#2 went and got our new home away from home organized. It's a little.... different. Old, and kind of run down which made mom a little teary, but she's doing her best to fix it right up! Auntie Nicole and Uncle Doug are bringing me my hockey comforter back to Vancouver tonight which will help spruce up my side of the room.

Today, had my gross medicine in the am, then me, mom, Ads, and dad#2 headed down to Granville Island. I ate two huge pieces of apple pie in the coffee shop and then fed the Pigeons. They ate food right out of my hand it was pretty cool. Lots of things to see and do down there. Mom and I plan to hit the market most days for fresh fruits and vegetables and a big walk. I tired after about an hour, came home and mom gave the me huge scrub down, took my temp etc etc. Once she was satisfied I was okay I relaxed with a bowl of strawberries, my blanket and the TV.

Dad's picking me and Ads up at 130 as Auntie is back in town. Mom's going to be busy making this place home and i'll be back at 7pm.

Thanks again to everyone. And special thanks for Auntie Nicole and Uncle Doug for bringing some of my special stuff down. Oh, and mom wants to thank Shannon for the chat last night about everything.. moms says she'll fill you all in on her plan to help other mom's at childrens hospital with kids that have leukemia feel good about themselves while things are tough. New GOAL!

Hope everything is well with all of you. Hugs to everyone.


Thursday, April 23, 2009

Just a quick

Thank you thank you thank you! I just finished texting with Toby.. and to everyone who attended Influence tonight and shopped for us, THANK YOU. It was a huge success and we are truly grateful for all your generosity. Toby, thank you. I'm speechless .. tears.. (and that's tough to do for this girl, who ALWAYS has something to say.) I really do have the BEST GIRLFRIENDS IN THE WORLD!


April 23 day 8

Hello hello,

Once again I let my mom sleep till 900. After I had breakfast and everyone else got here I was ready to get outside once again. So dad and I went for a coffee and he picked me up a rubber snake, also to scare the nurses with. Thanks dad. Then we took our lunch outside on the lawn and had a picnic. It didnt last very long though as I got very tired and it was a little windy and cold. We played with our new "catch game" which was part of the amazing box of goodies from the Baliski's! When big packages arrive, I'm only allowed to choose one or two thing and the rest is put away for other days. so I chose the catch game and a new Ben 10 DS Game!!! Super fun. Thanks Jo Jo!!

Then I had a little rest and three more envelopes arrived. My favorite of course was my card and necklace from Ava. I have it on and her card and photo up beside my bed. I miss you too Ava. Then mom's friend Shanna sent a "generous" card and Grandma and Grandpa also sent me a note and a picture. Thank you everyone!

Next, we had education time.. boring!!! We found out where we go when we have to come back to the hospital for treatment etc. It was painful and mom got a little over whelmed so she and I bailed and went for a snuggle in my room instead. Phew!

Then they gave me some platelets as I have chemo, bone marrow and a spinal tap in the morning. Not fun, but NOTHING we can't handle! Then tomorrow evening we hope to move out of here and into Easter Seals on Oak Street. It's a little older, ok a lot older, and mom's being kind of silly about wanting to make it amazing... so guess what, it WILL be amazing! So, I have a feeling when I'm resting tomorrow Pottery Barn, Urban Barn, Pier One and Walmart etc will all know my mom's name!

Tonight my mom actually bought me jello! You know the premade, full of sugar, blue raspberry, the kind that's not even in the cold section of the store, type jello. Yes, MY mom let me have one of those.... and it was FANTASTIC! Thanks mom!

Special thanks to Toby! She had a big party for me at her very cool store, INFLUENCE, tonight. Thanks to Tobes and everyone who attended! xox

Secret Agent Logan- nice update via email today.. keep "project misbehavin'" on the down low dude!

Mrs Merryfield; today would've been a perfect day for homework.... and... it didn't happen. we'll try for the weekend. :)

Love to all. Friends, Family, you're all amazing. Truly!!


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Aidens' homework.. mom's busted

Hi guys,

Just a quick note.. mom FINALLY opened my homework envelope tonight, just to take a look at what we should start tomorrow when we came across the awesome package from my class. Thanks guys for all the pictures, notes, and drawings, it made my day! When we move over to the new place this weekend I'm going to put it up beside my bed. I espeically like the silly photo of everyone in the back, Mrs Merryfields silly face cracked me right up.

I miss you all and hope to see you soon.


PS;Mrs Merryfield, I'll start my homework tomorrow.

April 22 Day 7 part 2

Hello this evening,

Well i slept for almost 3 hours and I am recharged after getting some new blood. I got unhooked from Mario(my IV) and the nurses gave me a pass to leave the hospital for a couple hours. Mom, Dad , Dad2, Addy and I all crammed into Dad2's truck and picked up sushi and went to the beach. Mom was a little tight in between Ads and me in the back seat, good thing she lost some weight, but the drive was quick. hee hee!

It was awesome at the beach. There was lots of shells and I even grabbed a few to keep; an oysters shell and a couple crabs. The sushi wasn't a big hit for me, as my taste buds are changing with the medicine, but everyone else seemed to like it. I had alphagetti when we got back here. The sun was shining at the beach but it was a little windy so we weren't there very long, however it was awesome to be outside and down by the water!

Had a tub, took my meds, read my blog with mom and now it's time to call it a night. (also read the school update from Secret Agent Logan.. nice work partner, keep the info coming. "project who's misbehavin' " is awesome!)

Hi to everyone a First Lutheran K class.. miss you guys!

Tomorrow: packing up for our move on Friday to Easter Seals, playing and hopefully another pass, depending on my blood levels.

Please keep writing and my mom wants to thank her girls for getting together tonight for her. xox


April 22nd Day 7

Hi guys,

Day 7.. Started little early today. Most of the morning my dad was with me till mom came back from her night away. I felt pretty good till I had to have 2 inter muscular injections in my legs. %$#&....ouch. And mommy didnt like to see that at all. I think it hurt her more than it hurt me..

I talked to my friend Logan today who is keeping me up to speed as to who's getting their name on the board at school. Very important and funny for me.. now that it's not my name on the board. :) Keep me posted daily Logan!

We're moving to Easter Seals on Friday, and mom has huge plans to "jazz up" the place. So, if you have any ideas drop her an email.

Once we all felt better a lady named Lisa came and showed me how to use needles and hook up IV lines, just like the ones that are hooked up to me, we used one of my teddy bears as the patient. They are now giving me some sleeping medicine so that I can sleep while i get a blood transfusion for the next three hours. When I wake up we all get to go out for dinner. It is really nice here today so I am hoping to go eat sushi at the beach tonight.

Oh, one more thing , mom would like to send out a special thanks to Jodie for all her hard work and love. Wow! tears... is all I can say Thanks Jodie we love you! And Dad #2 and Addy will be over Tuesday night for dinner. :)
And thanks to Nana for talking to mom every day and being the best mom to her ever! xo

Hope to write more after dinner and the ocean, if I'm not too tired. Ty and Carson give me a call anytime after 7pm.

Thanks for all the funny jokes, keep 'em comin!

xoxo A

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Day 6 April 21

Hello everyone,

Day #6.. wow what can I tell you. I thought I'd let mom sleep in a little so I didn't get up until 8:57am and she was quite happy. I enjoyed my breakfast today, waffles and actually ate the entire thing!

Then mom received a package that she got quite excited about from Laura, Kathie and Linda (Total E Clips) Aveda everything! From foot scrub, to hand cream, to lotion, to shampoos, all wrapped up in a new awesome make up case. Love Total E Clips!! Thanks girls for making mom feel pretty. Mom also wants to thank Oranj Dance and Fitness for donating all the proceeds from the karma yoga classes to us and hopes everyone goes down to send some positive energy. Also, my buddy Lucas is riding his BMX bike, in the Ride for Life, to help us and we could even win jackets! Thanks buddy (and his lovely mom Ginger). Thank you Carson and Jarrod for feeding my fish! and Deb for looking after the house, and Laura for kicking mom's boot camp girls butts on Sunday and again tomorrow night :)

INFLUENCE CLOTHING - Orchard Park.. The amazing Toby Tannas is having an event in Aiden's honor this Thursday night.. It's a great new store, please go down and check it out if you have a chance. Thanks T!

11am - Musical therapy; we banged drums, sang songs, it was alright... a little boring but I got through it. Addison loved it.. I bailed as soon as I got the chance. :)

Then just after lunch I was allowed to go outside! The nurse disconnected my IV and me, mom, dad, dad #2, and Ads all went outside. We had a picnic on the lawn, played red light green light, and What Time is it Mr. Wolf. I found a couple beetles and picked some flowers for my mom, I was outside almost an hour and then got pretty tired so dad carried me back inside.

Once we were back inside I had a nap, played with my dad and mom took the night off. She took Ads to a hotel and had a swim, a hot bath and hopefully a good night sleep.
Mom is aprehensive about my inter muscular injections tomorrow along with the gross side effects that come with it, but once again it's NOTHING we can't handle.

Night everyone. thank you for everything.. texts, emails, notes etc. xoxo Aiden
Go Canucks Go!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Day 5 April 20th

Hello my friends and family,

Today turned into a bit of a lazy, grouchy day. My counts are a little on the low side and the "procedure" didn't arrive from Texas so... i had a pretty open day. Which made the visit from Pastor Lee and Michelle such a nice bonus. Including a wack load of fun stuff, jammiez, slippers, club penguin, a very special stuffed seal from my friend Logan (that I will sleep with) and a huge card from everyone at school and much more. Thank you to everyone.. and my mom wants to thank Logan's mom for calling and finding out what she the starbucks card. Thanks!... oh and of course my gigantic envelope of homework... Thanks Mrs. Merryfield! Jeepers!!!

Then the LULU's arrived! Carly Bean, Hayley, and Brooke. Thanks for taking my mom, dad #2 and addy down for a snack, and playing some air hockey with me. Thank you Carly for the DS game, chips, great new blanket etc and my mom loves her new LULU hoody and mentioned something about borrowing my DS to play a Grey's Anatomy game?????

I hung out with dad when mom went to check out the place we'll be staying at as of Friday or Saturday this week. (Easter Seals) I'll still have to visit the hospital but I won't have to live at it any longer! yay!!!

Spent the evening registering my new club penguin, playing games on line and I am all set up.

Tomorrow: If I can get enough fluid (water) in my body by tomorroow noon, I can go outside and play without my IV. Awesome!!!!

Drop me a line, I like funny ones, if you have a minute.

Day 5 is done!!


Sunday, April 19, 2009

April 19th Part 2 Day 4 done!

Hello everyone,

Day four is complete. We had a pretty low key day today. It began with mom and dad #2 and me making the room into a spider web for the remote control spider we scare everyone with. monsters were hung from the sheets and it is very cool ( as cool as sheet hanging from the ceiling can get! )

Uncle Doug and Auntie Nicole came by and brought drawings etc from my cousins... including a Senators hat, and a canucks remote control zamboni. Thank you!

Then Nicole and Brian came by too. Always fun! Thank you for the snap game.. I kicked my dads butt!! Been quizzing mom on all the pokemons and winning that too! Thank you Plummers!

The nurse messed up today and said we had to stay out of the toy room due to my blood count, however at 315pm that mistake was rectified! Air hockey, baseball etc all jammed into an hour and a half. Dad took at beating.

Mom and dad #2 went on a date with Addison. Sneaked into the pool at Uncle Doug's hotel, pick me up some socks, pokemon cards, ect then came back for bed time snuggleS! Auntie took great notes for mom, so all went well.

Early to bed tonight as we have an ugly procedure in the morning, however nothing we can't handle! And Carly is suppose to be stopping by and the pastor from school... we better be on our best behaviour! :) hee hee
Hope all is well with everyone, off for a snooze.... until tomorrow. Day 5!

April 19th part 1

hello people!

We had a great night last night... I think even 8+ hours of sleep!! Blood counts are low today, expected, however still hard. Low counts means super high chance of infection so we're hanging in the 12 x10 room all day today. Dad and Auntie will be hanging with Miss Ads while Dad #2 and I will be in charge of massive fort making and craziness in the room. I hope this hospital has enough blankets because we'll be getting crazy!

Aiden's spirits are good, he's as sassy as ever and if he was in school he may even have had his name on the board once or twice this week :)

We're looking forward to Auntie Nicole, Uncle Doug, and Nicole and Brian to stop by today with super clean hands and healthy bodies (if you're not healthy..... just send an email :) )

Dad and Auntie are on duty for the afternoon as mom and Dad #2 are taking Ads for a swim to tire her out. We all better get showered and teeth brushed and let the fort building begin!!!

Thanks again to everyone for the notes to Aiden. We're loving reading them before bed!

Love and laughter (always laughter with Aiden around!)

Saturday, April 18, 2009

April 18th part 2

Good night everyone.

Day ended well with a visit from Uncle Doug and some yummy McDonalds! Cheese burger, fries, chocolate shake and of course the very first eaten apple pie!

We had some solid games of air hockey, a snooze with mom and dad and now off to bed and a little full on baseball with dad. Addy has been enjoying crafts, telling everyone she's 5, and dressing up like a princess STEADY.

Tomorrows plans consist of going outside, more air hockey, seeing Nicole and Brian, Uncle Doug, Auntie Nicole and Carly maybe too. Wowe! Our social schedule is PACKED, as usual :)

Thanks for all the notes!


Day 3 April 18th

Hello Aiden fans:

We're part way through day 3 and rockin it! Energy levels are good, bloods are average (and will start to decline due to chemo daily) and the sun in shining in Vancouver. Mom took a little break for some vey minor retail therapy, however she's now the proud owner of a new lap top, so everyone can email directly as of tonight.. although text are always appreciated.

The DS is the life saver, almost always on and the amazing library of games is fantastic! Aiden has been meeting a few other kids around the hospital and starting to realize he'll be looking a little like Dustin soon ( bald :) )

Aiden is missing his school friends, however had a surprise visit from Matthew D yesterday (which was a bonus) and we've been taking advantage of all the activities they dropped off. Thank you Quinn and Matthew! Aiden is also missing his bull dog Howard... and maybe his "friend" Ava. :) He hopes to hear from his friends Ty and Carson soon, maybe a phone call this weekend???

Uncle Doug is popping in tonight and Nicole and Brain tomorrow.

We'll be in touch, off to play air hockey with mommy!!


Friday, April 17, 2009

Day 2 Friday April 17th

Day 2 under our belts. Aiden had his first real chemotherapy today and everything went better then planned. Yesterday consisted of a spinal tap and bone marrow along with an evening surgery to put in a VAD. And thank GOD for the VAD, no more pokes in the arms etc. So much better for all of us.

Aiden was tired, however purked up at the end of the night. We all had a good play with his new remote controlled spider, scaring all the nurses in sight. No more chemo for 6 sleeps, however the steriods come every day which result in huge behavioral changes etc.

Until next time... thank you for all the emails, texts, love and prayers.