Thursday, July 30, 2009

July 30th - Finally we're a go!

And we are a go for next week! Counts are going up and we'd probably be good to go for Tuesday, however the hospital will probably be crazy over the long weekend, so we're going in on Wednesday!

Wish me luck as I've never had this much of this medication before. It's almost a 1000mg's more then I've had.. so we have no idea how my body will react this time. Hopefully I won't be in the less then 5% column this time around. So the schedule works 5 days in and 10 days out for the next 3 months! However it's "count dependent" so my counts have to be good enough each time...

We enjoyed the amazing weather down here again today with another fantastic visit from The Campbell's. Thank you for coming down!! Great day together!
Thank you to Uncle Doug for cleaning the pool. Dad #2 can't wait to jump in it after driving home at 4am and working all day in the heat tomorrow.. and then eating Auntie Nicole's muffins all evening!
Also, Thanks to the Schamerhorn's for STILL feeding my fish!

Hope you all have a great long weekend.. Addy's flying home Sunday to meet up with Nana and Papa for a couple weeks.. I'm looking forward to sometime alone down here with everyone. Mom, Dad #2 and I are going to the Capilano Suspension Bridge, can't wait.
Oh and I might've heard a rumour that Jodie's sending down some of her famous power bars for us to eat while we're in hospital.. :) Thanks Jodie!

Talk soon!


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

July 28th

Just a quick update... my ANC is still too low! Lower then last week even.. behind again. Dr's aren't worried, they say this 63 day cycle usually takes about 3 months to get through..
So we're going to try again Tuesday! Geesh.. however it's a little hot to be in hospital and we're loving being outside, exploring and enjoying life as I feel good otherwise. So, we are hoping for rain and high counts Tuesday! :) That sounds like a good week to be in hospital.. oh and we're also hoping the ward is slow so we get a good room and mom gets a 'real' bed!

Addy's going to Nana and Papa's on Monday, taking her first airplane ride home to Kelowna on Sunday with Shannon. Thanks Shannon and thanks Nana and Papa for taking my crazy little sister!

Nothing else really to report... still on a bit of high from Ava's visit (blush)

Hope you're all enjoying the weather and we'll hopefully report from hospital next week.


Saturday, July 25, 2009

Saturday July 25th

Wow what a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We started out this morning with some school work. Mom's decided that this is a part of our routine now 3 days per week.. it went okay. I practiced my letters and numbers and Addy worked on her shapes and matching.

Then we headed to the beach... on the way we stopped and grabbed a couple pizza's as we were meeting Ava and her family there!!! For those of you who don't know who Ava is... well she's a very special girl that I've been friends with since preschool and she's beautiful. She and her family met us down at the beach for 5+ hours of complete fun!!! We walked out on the beach as far as we could, we found crabs, played ball, chased each other around the in the sand for hours. We had pizza, Okanagan raspberries, Okanagan cherries, oranges, popcorn, apricots.. you name it! Thank you to her Mom and Dad, Sharon and Keith, and her two sisters Hannah, and Maddy for bringing Ava down to Vancouver it was the greatest day!

Then we got home and mom scrubbed us down from head to toe, ate a quick supper, read books and crawled into bed! So fun!! Thank you!

So, Monday is blood day.. hopefully it's a go for Tuesday morning! Keep your fingers crossed.


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

It's a no go! July 22nd

Hello everyone!

So, Tuesday was a no go as my counts were too low, so... we tried again today.. and still too low!
I honestly don't mind a bit! Don't tell mom though as she wants to get things started.. however I think she's might just be enjoying the time off we're having together! Yesterday we put me and Ads in a chariot and road bikes all the way around the Sea Wall. It was very cool. We stopped for lunch, snacks, play.. what a great place and a fun ride (for me and Ads anyway!)

Then today after I had my blood tested we stopped by mom's work for a visit and then we met up with Mom's friend Annette from the Island and her son Morgan. We had a great play at the park and visit with them.
Then we hit the movie and slurpee store, had a tub and now we're watching movies, eating chips and snuggling! Yeh, I'm pretty sure mom's okay with not being in hospital too! :)

We'll try again Monday! Wish us luck that my ANC climbs quick!

Hope this finds you all well and enjoying the beautiful summer heat. We're all good here!


Friday, July 17, 2009

The first six are done!

Well we did it! Actually I did it! It was not fun, nor would I wish it on my worst enemy, but it's done. We're done for weeks.. weeks and weeks! We celebrated today by hitting some "gardens" and hunted for frogs, turtles and fish. It was awesome! So awesome!! It was a beautiful day to be outside and we had a blast!

I am suppose to start the next phase on Tuesday however my white blood cell count is really really low.. so we're going to try for Thursday. Couple days off never hurt anyone! :) This next phase is kind of gross too. We're in hospital 3 - 5 days out of every two weeks, and I'm suppose to get sores in my mouth, nausea, etc. Ugh! however that's not for another 6 days!! And there is way too much fun to be had until then!

Tomorrow we're celebrating Addison's 3rd birthday. She has 3 or 4 girlfriends coming over and I have a buddy coming too. Should be another busy day around here and lots of fun!

We took mom's friend Jen to the airport this afternoon - Thanks again for coming J and all your help. You made mom's week fly by! Mom read more of that great book you brought for me "Ivan and the Magic Rainbow"... it's very cool! And the author signed it - wow! Thank you for everything for me, Addy and mom!

I hope this finds you well.. I won't have much to report until Thursday. Pray for high counts so we can get this next ball rolling and over with fast!... well 63+ days fast!..


Monday, July 13, 2009

Monday July 13th

And it's getting better...
Today was poke #4 and it's getting better! It's still painful and no fun, but it's getting easier for all of us. We have a bit of a system now between mom, dad and me and it seems to be working! My blood is still holding.. platelets are high, and HGB is pretty good too. Dr's are happy, I'm unique when it comes to my blood too!

I had a good day of playing, however sick this afternoon... in mom's car again. Sorry mom! I think this will be the leukemia vehicle and in 3.5 years when we're done this she'll be trading it in! It's already seen it's share of "me" she says. :)

Tomorrow me, mom and Ads are heading out for a picnic and some dodge ball. Even if it's raining we're good to go! Then Jen arrives tomorrow night to give mom an extra set of hands this week.. I bet I hear mommy and her up giggling and telling stories. Girls!!!

Wednesday is poke #5, and we're almost 1/3 the way done them!

This afternoon Mom gave me a super cool book that Bexx's made for me! Thanks Bexx! Love the poem and all the cool "cards" that go along with it. wink wink! You are very clever! Mom said she had a great time visiting with you and Rae.. just like old times in the yellow house!

Hope everyone is doing well. As well here, just a little woozy but nothing we can't handle!


Friday, July 10, 2009

Friday July 10th

And one week of the gross'ness is done!
The first set of three needles ended today! What a day! I don't really care about it until we get into the actual clinic room and then it gets scary, super scary... but it was quick today, my nurse was good. Next week they're going to try it with me lying down and hopefully I can't tense my leg up so much. Worth a try. The band aid was pretty cool... an awesome Ice Age 3 one.. Very cool!

We celebrated after with the toy store, candy store, and shoe store! And the shoes we actually not just for mom. I got a pair of T-Rex Crocks, Addy got a pair of Frog ones and mom got some rain boots.. preparing for the winter months ahead!

Then we came home made a great dinner and played, played played.

Over all it wasn't too bad of a day. We're very ready for a couple days off and celebrating dad#2's birthday tomorrow with a big dinner, cake, ball tag etc. :)

Hope all is well and you enjoy your weekend. We hope to see mom's friend Bexx tomorrow, then mom's friend Jen coming down to help out on Wednesday.. it'll be a good week. Lots of support!


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wednesday July 8th

Hello hello! Sorry for the delay people.

It's been a tough week.. gross to put it nicely. Monday morning we ended up having to go to clinic and I had to get my regular chemo, give blood and then a needle in my leg. I was very scared and didn't like it at all. It hurt!
The medicine makes me feel yucky this week, and my counts and energy is low. They considered another transfusion on Monday, but my blood was holding alright. I was a little sick in the afternoon, but all's well. Until.. Wednesday..

Are you kidding me? Again? Yup, another needle in my leg today. Makes me feel terrible. However, there was a highlight; my friend Dominic stopped in to see me on his way home from camping. We got to play at the park and it was fun! Thanks Dominic and his mom!!!!! I miss you.
Then home to relax as I wasn't feeling well. Had an early tub, watched a movie, tried a few different things for supper but wasn't very successful. Ugh!

Heading to Ronald McDonald House in the morning to play with Curtis and I can't wait to feel better.

One more again on Friday and then the same for next week... we also were told today that going home in October is not going to happen and we'll be in Vancouver until January 2010.

Lots to take in for everyone today.. tough week.

Thanks for reading and thanks again to Dominic for stopping by for play.


Friday, July 3, 2009

Friday July 3rd

Another good one on the books!

Today was a great day! I had chemo in the morning and my blood was holding well so I didn't need a transfusion today! Mom, Addy and I hit the grocery store quickly and then we met up with my buddy Logan from school in Kelowna! We met him and his dad at a park near our house and we ran, played, jumped, climbed, flew kites, had a picnic, and enjoyed the amazing afternoon together! Thank you so much for coming Logan, you made my day!!!!! Truly!

We're "off" until Monday when the tough stuff begins! My first serious of inter muscular injections. Mom's been researching and "discussing" her findings with all the right people and making sure it's only one poke instead of two, and I think she's won this battle, Thanks mom!!
So the next two weeks are going to be tough tough tough.. but we'll do it.. because we have to, and that's the end of it. I also get another chemo Monday and maybe blood.. long long day.

Thanks again to Logan and his dad for making the last minute road trip. Getting up at 4am can't be easy to do with a five year old! Thank you for my cool shirt, my new kite, and my pictures of us together. I've put the picture up in my room and it makes me laugh when I see how silly we are. Thank you also to Heidi for helping mom's caffeine addiction.. I think people are realizing she's loving coffee and chocolate these days!
Thanks to "Domino" for my package you left for me at children's'.. I hope to see you on July 9th!

Thanks for reading!