Friday, October 30, 2009

Hello everyone..

Just an update.. my steroids are wearing off and I've been feeling really well these last couple days. No more tears and I'm really looking forward to Halloween!!
We wore our costumes at school today, and NO one recognized me. It's super super scary!

I've had my H1N1 vaccine without any side effects, it was a sinch! Seriously! Nothing compares to the needles in my legs, it was seriously a breeze. However, I am a little excited to watch Addison get it on Tuesday. Hee hee!

I wanted to let you all know that mom and some of her "network" down here in Vancouver are doing a spin a thon. They are spinning for 12 hours to raise money for Camp Good Times. That's the camp I get to go to every summer starting next year, for the rest of my life. It's a great time to meet other kids that have had leukemia, and share our stories of bravery and just be a kid. It's expensive to send us there, approximately $1500 per week. I know that each of you have been VERY generous to me and my family over the past 7 months and we all thank you.
This is a great cause and if you're able to help, that would be great... The link is below. I'll be cheering on my (very sweaty) mom on November 29th.

Thanks for reading!


Monday, October 26, 2009

Monday October 26

Hello everyone,

Just a quick update.. It's been a tough week for us. The steroids make my body and my emotions feel pretty crazy. Lots of tears, and I don't really even know why... Mom and I have decided we hate steroids (minus to eating part of course) Mom hates the eating part because she says she eats too.. one more day of it!!!

They thought I'd need blood this week, however so far so good. My Dr's pretty surprised it's holding so well.. but no transfusion is good news for me!
So, we're counting on another round starting next Wednesday. I'm 'count dependant' however she thinks I could be ready. I'll get my blood tested Thursday, and again on Tuesday to see how I'm holding and hopefully we're good to go. Nana's going to come out as I'm in hospital all day the first day and then once a day for three days after that. So mom's needing some help with Sally Sue as I shouldn't be in her school/ballet/when we're in clinic etc. Thanks Nana, can't wait to see you!

We carved our pumpkins last night and they are so cool. Addy got a small one and a skeleton's face carved out on it and mine has fire. They are very cool! We're pretty awesome carvers!

Tomorrow Addy and I are off to school in the morning and then we're going to Wendy's for lunch, AGAIN. ( I eat two kids chicken nugget meals with fries, sprite and sweet and sour sauce) It's so good! And then mom's going to teach us how to make playdough from scratch, go for a scooter ride (if it's not raining), and then we're having a camp out on our family room floor. Popcorn, Nachos, and Fruit is on the menu... and Kung Fu Panda! We are the funnest family ever.

Mom picked up my Halloween costume! I'm a zombie.. it's awesome!! So super scary. We're going out with the family next door and staying up for 830 fire works! Late!

Thank you to Mr Wardle and Papa for collecting their Canadian Tire money for me... I'm thinking about getting some fishing stuff.. that's the latest and greatest plan. Thanks again!!!

It's a windy rainy night tonight, perfect for sleeping and snuggling with my mom.

Hope this finds you all well. We're shutting it down and hitting the sack!


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

October 21st

Hello hello!

Hope this finds you all well. Today.. today was needle number 12. That's right 12! Mom and I have found the best way to deal with it and it works awesome! I get mad, really mad. Today my nurse was Allie. She's great! Mom sits behind me on the bed, dad holds my legs, and I yell "Go Allie, Go! Get going Allie, do it!" And I squeeze mom's hands as hard as I can, and I yell a little angry yell and it's over! Phew... only 6 more to go!

I had the rest of my chemotherapy medicine today too, so I'm a little sick but I have lots of other medicine in me that is keeping it under control. I spent the afternoon coloring and drawing, we watched a movie after supper, and I was asleep my 7pm.

I'm back on the steroids which I enjoy! I eat and eat and eat. Today I had a can and a half of alphagetti, two pieces of bread and peanut butter, an apple fritter, and then some snacks for lunch. Dinner I wasn't feeling quite as hungry which can only mean........ MIDNIGHT SNACK! Drives mom crazy! Ha, especially when I ask for garlic bread or fresh mashed potatoes. She always tries to offer things like an apple, granola bar, .. you know easy stuff but that is never what I'm after. So, she gets out of bed and whips up my food of choice and then it starts all over again the minute I wake up! Last time I woke up at 6am starving and mom told me to grab some cereal and watch tv... I ate half a box of Apple Jacks, then I had my oatmeal and berries when she got up at 7!

We're plugging along taking it day by day. I'll probably need a blood transfusion next week, number 11, but other then that we have a week+ break in our schedule. I won't be feeling amazing or able to go anywhere where there are lots of people etc, but at least I have a break from the needles in the leg and the medicine.

Now mom's got to get some sleep before I wake her up for my midnight snack!

Thank you for reading!

PS - Ava, I miss you.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Thursday October 15th

Hello everyone,

It's been a tough week however today was a better day. Mom took me off the gravol hoping it would put the spring back in my step and hopefully keep the vomit away and IT WORKED!
Wow, way better today! So much better! Not sick, more energy, and way better.

We had another needle on Wednesday and number 5 is tomorrow! Ugh! Hate them hate them hate them.. They are so tough. However, I've had my needle in my chest for 10 days and I'm excited to get it out tomorrow so I can I tickle and tackle!!!!! Yay!

We've been hangin' pretty low, coloring, playing fish, and lots of movies and snuggles.

Hope this finds you all well.. day 11 is complete!


Saturday, October 10, 2009

Saturday October 10th

Hey.. it still sucks......However, tonight is better!
I had my needle in my leg yesterday and I WAS NOT HAPPY ABOUT IT.. and let me tell you the ENTIRE Oncology clinic knew it. Nurses even came in after and were cheering me on, telling me how spectacular my lungs are and everything.
Then we had to do the booger test again! Yes, again! They stuck the water up my nose and I had to blow out my boogers into a cup. Funny!

Then last night we all went to Stanley Park and went on the Ghost Train. I wasn't feeling great but I pushed through.. A raccoon came right up to Addy and tried to steal her hot chocolate. Mom ran over and picked her up so fast I thought Addy was flying. The raccoon didn't even flinch.. it was so cool. The Ghost Train was pretty freaky, but I know it's not real.

I just about made it home and... sick again! Mom's poor car! Seriously! So, for the rest of the night I was pretty medicated and up again in the middle for more. I felt terrible again this morning, so mom called the Oncologist and got me into the hospital for a check.. and on the way.. sick again.. just as I was leaving mom's car!
I was dehydrated, tired, and not feeling well at all. So, they pumped me full of goodness, took my blood and we left about 4pm. And then I was starving!!!!

So, I ate A&W, sushi, then mom roasted a chicken with home aid stuffing and creamed corn. I had two separate sittings of chicken after my sushi, then I watched some TV and had apple pie! I think the steroids are finally kickin' in!!! Watch out scale!

So, it's been a tough couple days however I think we're on the upswing! Just in time for turkey, ham, potatoes, desserts, etc.
Back on Thanksgiving Monday for another needle...

I hope every body has a fantastic Thanksgiving! We are thankful for the fact that I'm getting better, we have a fantastic place to stay, we have a great nurses and Dr's looking after me, my grandparents, my sister (my mom said I had to put that), my friends, my family, my mom's friends, and as much as this round is terrible... we are thankful it's the a last round *then 3 years of Maintenance.. which we can do.

** Thanks to Blaise and Colette for the lovely card and letter!

Happy Thanksgiving and thank you for reading,


Thursday, October 8, 2009

Thursday October 8th

Well.... it's begun! This round officially sucks!

I got up and went to school today however probably shouldn't have. I hit a wall pretty early in and then just hung out at home, pretty quiet for the rest of the day. Feelin' yucky yucky yucky! And to top it off I'm getting a cold, so mom's been email my nurse all afternoon.

Tomorrow, intra muscular injections start and they'll have to run some tests with my cold. There's potential we could be admitted to hospital, but we'll have to see what the results say... Seriously people, are we almost done!?

Everything else is fine. Addy's good and crazy as usual and keep us all laughing!

Thanks for reading!.... I've actually been asleep since 630pm, I just told mom what to write before I fell asleep... up at 1am for more meds. I always wonder who's up at that time of the night.. mom always say "The police, sometimes the firemen, and the crazies." , who ever they are???


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Tuesday October 6th

Hello everyone!

Great day again today... the last sleep before my last round!
I got up and we went to the hospital this morning to get my blood checked for tomorrow. One of my levels (ANC) needs to be at .75 before I'm suppose to start. It came back at .72! So, mom talked to our nurse, who then talked to my Dr and I'm going ahead!!
I went to schoold and then we got organized to take mom to give blood for the first time! I've had 10 transfusions already, so it's time! Some news and radio people were there and we talked for a bit. Global was suppose to come, but didn't show! CBC ran a quick clip at 5pm and we hope to see it again at 10pm tonight! SHAW was there and we'll be on all day Sunday!! I made sure I added that if Mr Luongo was watching I'd really like to meet him! You have to take advantage of these key moments!
Then we went scootering and enjoyed the rest of the afternoon and tonight we watched Harry POTTER.

Tomorrow shouldn't be too bad. A Spinal in the morning first thing.. so no breakfast. Then three different chemotherapy medications to follow. Hope to be out of there by noon.
One of the chemo medications makes me super sick, so we're trying a new anti nausea drug that's made from marijuana, I hear it's a plant that makes people super silly! I took it tonight and it made me a little crazy!! Fun though! I also start steriods again tomorrow which mean cooking cooking cooking for mom! They make me so hungry! Last time I ate an entire roasted chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy and a whole can of corn! I even used to wake up in the night and ask mom to make me an omelet!.. and SHE DID! The intra muscular injections start again on Friday.. those are super terrible... 12 more to go! We count through them and it takes about 18 seconds on average. It's the worst 18 seconds of my day.. but it'll make me better!

Hope you all can catch the quick clip on CBC tonight and if not try to tune in to SHAW on the weekend. I hope to get a copy of it, and I'll add it to the blog soon.

Thanks for reading! Welcome to the final stage people! Wish me luck it's going to be a tough one! .... but nothing we can't handle!


Thursday, October 1, 2009

Thursday October 1st

Hello Everyone!

Just thought I'd bring you up to speed on life and time off! We've been crazy busy enjoying life here. We've been up in the RCMP helicopter, we've been to playland, parks, school, puddle jumping, etc.. it's been fantastic!

We met up with Annie and Ron tonight for dinner, thank you for everything it was great to see you!! Renee is bringing Ty and Carson down this weekend and I'm so excited to see my friends. We're going to scooter around the Sea Wall, the weather is suppose to be perfect.. can't wait!!

We had our meeting about the next round and it's going to be long and tough, but it's the last one! The last one! Did you hear me THE LAST ONE!
So, on that note... mom is asking PLEASE no more "presents" be sent down for me or Addison. We're in the learning curve back to reality. Thank you to everyone for all you've given to me and to my family over this past 5 months. It's been amazing, unbelievable and fantastic.. however, it's time that we get back to "normal life" it's important for all of us, especially for me.
So, we're asking instead of gifts for us, we would like each and every one of you, if able, to give blood. Mom and I will be on Global TV news on Tuesday October 6 trying to encourage people to give blood over the Thanksgiving weekend. I have had 10 blood transfusions already and probably 2-3 more to come this round. So, please, if you're able, GIVE BLOOD FOR THANKSGIVING.

Hope this finds you all well. Thank you to everyone for reading.