Monday, October 26, 2009

Monday October 26

Hello everyone,

Just a quick update.. It's been a tough week for us. The steroids make my body and my emotions feel pretty crazy. Lots of tears, and I don't really even know why... Mom and I have decided we hate steroids (minus to eating part of course) Mom hates the eating part because she says she eats too.. one more day of it!!!

They thought I'd need blood this week, however so far so good. My Dr's pretty surprised it's holding so well.. but no transfusion is good news for me!
So, we're counting on another round starting next Wednesday. I'm 'count dependant' however she thinks I could be ready. I'll get my blood tested Thursday, and again on Tuesday to see how I'm holding and hopefully we're good to go. Nana's going to come out as I'm in hospital all day the first day and then once a day for three days after that. So mom's needing some help with Sally Sue as I shouldn't be in her school/ballet/when we're in clinic etc. Thanks Nana, can't wait to see you!

We carved our pumpkins last night and they are so cool. Addy got a small one and a skeleton's face carved out on it and mine has fire. They are very cool! We're pretty awesome carvers!

Tomorrow Addy and I are off to school in the morning and then we're going to Wendy's for lunch, AGAIN. ( I eat two kids chicken nugget meals with fries, sprite and sweet and sour sauce) It's so good! And then mom's going to teach us how to make playdough from scratch, go for a scooter ride (if it's not raining), and then we're having a camp out on our family room floor. Popcorn, Nachos, and Fruit is on the menu... and Kung Fu Panda! We are the funnest family ever.

Mom picked up my Halloween costume! I'm a zombie.. it's awesome!! So super scary. We're going out with the family next door and staying up for 830 fire works! Late!

Thank you to Mr Wardle and Papa for collecting their Canadian Tire money for me... I'm thinking about getting some fishing stuff.. that's the latest and greatest plan. Thanks again!!!

It's a windy rainy night tonight, perfect for sleeping and snuggling with my mom.

Hope this finds you all well. We're shutting it down and hitting the sack!



  1. Aiden,

    You have the best family ever! Dominic wishes he could come over and play in your tent and watch movies with you.

    Today, after early dismissal, Dominic and Alex ate popcorn and watched the new Ice Age movie. It's so cool. Then, they played Lego Star Wars the rest of the day. Dominic likes his Lego Storm Trooper men with the little white helmets. He was bummed because he lost one of them at church a few weeks ago. He looked and looked but never found it, bummer.

    We hope your blood is ROCKIN' so that you don't need any transfusions this week.

    Love Heather, Dominic and Alexandre.

  2. So close so close so close! You are so close!!