Wednesday, August 26, 2009



Just a quick update.. I feel great! Mom's been keeping us busy, out every day on all sorts of adventures!! She says it's almost back to "September routine" so we're packing in every fun thing we can.

We've spent a lot of time at Purdy's chocolates trying all sorts of chocolate. The 90% was way too bitter (nice try though mom), the 75% Cocoa, not too bad, but the mint/70% is the best so far. The dark chocolate snow balls aren't too shabby either.

Mom had lunch with Renee the other day and it made her day!

Hope all is well with everyone.. things here are great!
Thanks to Papa who agreed to save all his Canadian Tire money for me! I think my lacrosse gear might be too small next year and I can't wait to buy some new stuff. Thanks PAPA.

Back in hospital on next Wednesday.. for hopefully just 2!!!


Friday, August 21, 2009

Friday Aug 21st 8pm, we're out!

That's right!! We're out!!!

The Dr's are amazed with me! It was a rough afternoon yesterday being sick, feeling pretty terrible and stuck inside my room for 24 hours straight while the chemo is running.... but today my friends it all turned around!!!

When I'm done getting the gigantic amount of chemo they give a "rescue drug" to help control the levels and to help my body get rid of it. That number, in my blood, needs to be at .4 before we can go home. Well before even giving me the rescue drug this morning my blood was already at .43! So, when they took my blood again at 5pm, the Dr felt we MAY be good to go tonight!! Unheard of. Usually 3 - 5 days!!!
So, we had some dinner, played some DS, watched at movie and at 730pm the blood results were in..... my blood was at .27! Even my good white blood cell count was climbing instead of falling (it's as good as yours right now!).. so the paper work was done, bags were packed, we picked up Addy and home by 830pm!

We are all so happy and celebrating tomorrow by hitting the beach, eating too much ice cream, breakfast in bed (for mom), a bbq, and watching movies all together tomorrow night!

Home sweet home.. In our own beds.. Ahhh! (and we're half done this round!) It's time to celebrate!!

G'night from my bed in my room!

PS -TRUE TRUE TRUE New research says dark chocolate helps keep blood count healthy and high! So, you can just imagine my over the top mom!! Chocolate chocolate chocolate! Could be worse. Two kids I know that also have leukemia haven't had any blood transfusions since their mom's started giving them dark chocolate pieces 3 times per day.. how amazing is that!? I started it Wednesday and look what happened to me this week! Maybe mom was right, chocolate DOES help makes it all better! :)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wednesday August 19th - Day 15 of this round

Hello everyone..

Well Addy's back THAT's FOR SURE! I was actually starting to miss her a little by the end and the first day back together was great... now, I would be okay sending her back with Nana and Papa again. However, mom is VERY happy to have her home.

We had a great day with Nana and Papa at the beach yesterday! We saw a huge purple jellyfish that was in the sand... it was crazy! HUGE!! Really HUGE! Papa and I caught tons of crabs and then we caught a live clam. We took it home to dissect it and learn all about each part etc. Papa was a little "ticked" about taking nature away from nature, however when we got home and googled clams and I learned all about each part of it's body, what they eat, how they move etc... guess who the first one in there was with me and mom on the computer? Papa!!

They watched Addy today while we were in clinic and now they've headed back to Kelowna for the night. They came to the hospital to say good bye.. Thank you for everything!! xox

Back in hospital today until the weekend (Saturday or Sunday).. Hydrating my body, and the medicine started at 5pm and runs for 24 hours straight. Mom made sure I got ALL my medicine to help me not get sick and it appears to be helping. I'm sucking on ice chips to help prevent mouth sores, as I really don't want those!!!

Dad #2 surprised us and showed up a day early, just as Nana and Papa were leaving. So that worked out really well. We're currently getting guitar hero set up in our room and then dinner, and shuttin' er down.. for a sleepless night! Told mom we should watch movies all night however, not happen'. Mom's sleeping in a chair tonight as there are no cots left in the hospital.. and she's not super happy about it! At all!!! But she says she can deal with it for one night...

Other then that .. our life is here for the next 4 or so days..

Thanks again to Nana and Papa for all the fun and helping with Addison .... and Papa, I'll be fine.. I promise! Don't worry, don't be sad, I'll be okay. It's tough, but I'm tough.. remember I AM A ROGERS! And that means I can beat this 100%, we can do anything!

Love to everyone.. especially my Papa tonight!


Thursday, August 13, 2009

August 13th

Hello everyone,

Sorry for the delay in the update.. we've been busy catching up on sleep, playing rock band, getting ready for school (school work already), hanging out and enjoying our 10 days off.

I have to go in tomorrow for blood work, and another possible transfusion (11). But that's okay, it makes me feel way better and we're heading over to the Capilano Suspension Bridge to hike around tomorrow afternoon. So, we're planning on two to three hours in the clinic in the morning, Mom's going to register Addy in preschool and ballet down here for 6 months, then over to North Vancouver to investigate the Suspension Bridge/Tree Houses.

We're all looking forward to Nana and Papa coming down on the 18th with Addy. I'm going to teach them how to play Rock Band and see if we can rock out some "Eye of the Tiger" it's my favorite! And mom's really missing Addy, so it'll be nice to have her back as well.

We're "hopefully" back in hospital on the 19th for 3-5 days.. of NO SLEEP! However, we'll know more tomorrow as it's count dependent.
Mom's "puttin the hammer down" on my diet.. she says the craziness can start again when I'm back on the steroids in a couple months. Until then we're BACK ON TRACK! So tonight was chicken, beets, peppers and dip, and she LET me have my favorite mashed potatoes and gravy too. Oatmeal for breakfast, fruit for snacks, healthy lunch, etc. It does make me feel better, I know it's better for me, and two months will be here before we know it. And the CRAZINESS will begin again!

Thanks to the Campbell's for coming down yet AGAIN! Mom had a good time with Kenzie Sue and a workout always makes her feel better. (although it was 'interesting' downtown Vancouver)

Thanks to everyone in Kelowna who's donating blood for 'My' Siren's Campaign! Terry's doing a great job of recruiting all the non police and fire people from the city and the more blood we can get the better. Like I said, tomorrow will be my 11th transfusion, and without blood I wouldn't be here! So, please everyone, if you're able, give blood. Thanks!!

G'night everyone. I hope this finds you well.. and we hope the rain to stay away until Wednesday when we're in hospital!



Friday, August 7, 2009

Friday August 7th

Hello hello from room 2, floor 2B at Children's hospital!

Well, it was a tough couple days.. really tough but we made it through and today is a new and better day for everyone.
So we started in clinic on Wednesday with 6 hours of hydration and a spinal. When they put me out this time is was WAY better! No dizziness when I woke up, great! Then they started the new Chemo. A GIGANTIC bag of bright yellow liquid, it was crazy and I don't think mom was very happy with the amount of poison my body was getting.. but it is was it is. So then the first night, they had to test the PH level in my "urine" (fancy word for PEE) and they tested it every two hours all night and then I got super sick.. it was a sleepless and terrible night for me and the mama!

Yesterday afternoon Dad showed up and mom went home to grab some rest. Dad and I watched TV, played Guitar Hero, I still wasn't feeling great.. so I went to sleep early. However, they continued to have to test my urine every two hours so Dad had a sleepless night. It's nice to share the misery around the family :) However I still haven't got sick with Dad around.. Mom's still my "go to" for that - lucky mom! Ha ha!

Today, MUCH BETTER!!! The medicine is almost out of my system and we're hopefully going home tomorrow! I have energy, no nausea, and mom, dad#2 and I are just heading out on the deck for a BBQ, and some fresh air!

Hope all is well with everyone and Thanks to Nana and Papa for watching Addy.. it would've been tough to do this with a little sister running around!
Thank you to Ava and family for sending down the photos of our great day together and the gifts for my family. I have the photo of Ava and me reaching hands beside my hospital bed in a frame.

Thanks for reading! Wednesday was terrible and today is 110% better!

PS - Dad#2 caught a 45 lb sturgeon at the World Police and Fire Games! Way to go dad #2!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

August 4th

Hello everyone.. hope you all enjoyed the long weekend.

We're good to go! Blood is up and I'm going in to hospital tomorrow morning for 5 days. The rest period has officially come to an end.. however it was super fun!

We had visitors, Shannon came down to see mom and we played at the beach, went to the chocolate store, ate A&W, and then she and mom hung out for a great day while I was at Dad's. Shannon took Addy back to Kelowna and I'm not missin' Addy one bit! This is a nice break from my little sister. I spent the day at Granville Island with Dad yesterday while mom was at work and it was a lot of fun. Then today Mrs Merryfield came over! Yes, my kindergarten teacher from Kelowna! She brought her husband Bruce who was super fun! We ate tons of blueberries off the neighbours blueberry bush then we walked over to the park and had a play (Me and Mrs. Merryfield both wiped out- Crazy) Then we came back and ate peas out of our garden. It was really a great morning. Now mom and I are reading the books they brought down - Thank you Merryfield's and enjoy your cruise - Happy 40th Wedding Anniversary!!

Just waiting for Dad #2 to arrive and head out to watch some of the Police and Fire Games, he's in it tomorrow and seems excited to catch a Sturgeon! Yes, Sturgeon fishing is the sport he's doing (he would've played hockey but he blew his knee last season.. he keeps telling everyone that :) )

I'll be in touch when in hospital, and keep your fingers crossed that there are NO REACTIONS this time!

Thanks to everyone for reading we're off to enjoy our last day of freedom for five days!