Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Tuesday November 3rd, 2009

I'm good to go! So, normally at this stage of treatment kids are having to have blood transfusions or have to wait for treatment as their blood counts are not high enough. That my friends, is the norm. However, we've proven time and time again (even before leukemia) we are FAR from the norm! My blood counts are not only where they need to be to continue, they are DOUBLE!
Mom of course is convinced chocolate on Halloween and every day since hasn't hurt this one bit, in fact, she's certain it's helped. Why mess with a good thing!?
My steroids are still lingering around my system and my appetite is still crazy. I can't get enough Wendy's! Seriously, I dream about it. I eat something almost every hour.. mom tries to steer me healthy; oranges, carrots, banana, apple with peanut butter, and fair enough I will eat those things.. but there's nothin' like mom's mash potatoes and that packaged, high sodium gravy! Mmmm! Mom, cringes every time she makes it.. but it's soo delicious. Almost as delicious as the bacon-ater! Again, mom cringes! HA! And to top it off I think mom's a bit distracted or something! She's really been struggling with the laundry lately as she's been shrinking ALL of my pants! Geesh mom! :)

Other then that.. Nana arrives tonight to help keep this ship afloat this week. Tomorrow is the beginning of what has potential to be the last 30 days of the REALLY hard stuff. We still have 3.5 years to go after this... and lots of medicine, lots of Children's hospital visits, etc.. but the brutal part is almost over. We almost did it. And we kicked A**!

Thanks for reading. Hope this finds you well.


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  1. Way to go buddy! So super great! We will be counting the days with you! Enjoy that chocolate!! xo Ava