Friday, November 20, 2009

Friday November 20th

Needle number 14 done! Ugh!!! It was not fun at all!!! However, I didn't have to get the transfusion they thought I'd need.
All my blood went down except my platelets!! And no one knows why??? We don't question good things though! Two days ago I was at 84 platelets and today 144... My Oncologist cant tell us why or even how.. so more blood work on Monday. Geesh!
.. looking for answers.

So for those of you who don't know .......... we're moving to Vancouver. The for sale sign went up on the house today and we hope to be settled in South Surrey/White Rock by January.
It was a big decision for our family, but it's best. Best for all of us. I will really miss my friends in Kelowna and I know mom's had some tears about missing "her girls." It's been a community that has gathered around us like nothing we've ever seen.. amazing!! Thank you!

We're off for the weekend, my needle is out and everything.. so it's time to get crazy. I can't go anywhere, because me white blood cell count is so low.. so we've been making play dough, now tickle and tackle, then movie night and tomorrow we're going scootin!

Next needle. #15 in the leg, is Monday.. however we have two days to enjoy before then.

Hope this finds you all well. Signing off from Vancouver!


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