Monday, November 30, 2009



If you're still reading this.. I know you love us! Thank you so much for following me and my family on this crazy, terrifying ride!

My aggressive treatment is OVER! Done! No more needles in my leg.. I think 21 total is quite enough, thank you! I will get my blood test tomorrow to see if I'm ready to start maintenance..which would be Wednesday. What that means is because my recovery is 3.5 years I have to keep doing what we're doing (to a point) to keep me as healthy as I am right now.
So, once every 29 days I have to be at Childrens, and I take oral medication every day. It's going to be a bit rocky for a bit as they fiddle around with my medicine, however once they get it right we're good to go.

School starts for me January 4th.. very excited! I get to go to my new school on December 9th to meet my class and make gingerbread houses with them.

This weekend I turn 6! I was 'selected' to be on Santa's float in the big parade on Sunday morning, so watch for me on TV. My special friend from Kelowna is coming down and she will be on it too! Then we're going to the aquarium and out for lunch. Should be a great time. I also have a birthday party at Ronald McDonald House with Dad, Grandma and Grandpa! Busy weekend coming up! I need to rest up!

Thank you so much for reading and following! Your support has not gone unnoticed and we appreciate all of you that were in our corner these past 8 month! Amazing!!!!!!

I will be writing less and less as life is hopefully going to be back to normal sooner then later. Pls keep in touch with mom via email, text message, and phone calls.

Did you hear!??? WE DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Leukemia Free AIDEN


  1. Aiden! Wow you've done it. What a brave, strong adventurous boy. I am so happy for you and your family. There really aren't words. I hope you have a wonderful celebration. YOU DID IT!!!

  2. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!! :) I don't think there can be better news.

  3. Yippee yippie yeh!! I can't wait to celebrate with you! I bet you are ready to have fun! see you soon, Ava

  4. That's the best news we have heard in a long time! Aiden you are amazing and strong the maintenance stage is gonna be nothing for you!
    Have the best birthday ever!
    Lots of love
    -the Waterhouses!

  5. Wow, this day was long in coming.

    Congratulations, Aiden. You are one tough kid!

    I will tell Dominic all about it when he gets home today.

    - Love Heather, Dominic and Alex.