Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thursday November 19th

Hello hello!!!

How is everyone? Well we're pluggin' along here. We have 11 days to go until I'm done the super hard stuff! They sure like to make it brutal right until the very last day!

Tomorrow is needle number 14! That's right.... can you believe it? Number 13 didn't go so well. That was Wednesday. I had to get poked in chest to access my VAD to give me another blood transfusion and my chemotherapy. Then they poked me in the leg - that was number 13. Just before my poke, my nurse told me she hates needles and that she's a big chicken. So when she poked me I yelled "Yeow!!! Ali you're a big chicken, BAD ALI." I was once again the talk of the clinic. They all think I'm very funny! And then they poked me in the arm for the 2nd shot for the H1N1. Enough already!!!!!

So after November 30th, then I have to wait until my counts climb back up again (usually 2 to 3 weeks) and then I start maintenance..... until 2013! And then we are going to celebrate!!!!! BIG TIME!!! Mom says she has 3 years to plan it and that's a very long time for her very busy brain! Should be awesome! I hope to be back to "normal" school after Xmas! yay!!!

So we're off to bed.. all of us! I will probably need a transfusion of platelets tomorrow before the big needle, so it could be a long day once again!

We're on the count down.. and it's actually a little scary!........... weird!


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